NeVeR RuN OuT Of gAs

Fueling the block summer 2022

93 Boyz Mylar Bag


Chicago Made

93 Boyz is Chicago’s first Black-owned cannabis brand and the first to pair top-shelf genetics with a core mission focused on giving back to the community.

The brand was founded by Chicago-born musician and activist Vic Mensa with a vision of lifting up the neighborhoods around him while lifting spirits across the state. That vision- paired with the heaviest, headiest gas available anywhere- is what fuels 93 Boyz today.

93 Boyz Gas Can

OuR PrOdUcTs

Even with absolute heaters across our introductory lineup, we’re only getting started. Highly curated blends make up our initial offering of three .75g pre-rolls that will gas you up whenever you’re ready to hit the ignition.

Jump Start

When you’re looking to accelerate your productivity, reach for this sativa-leaning blend and strap in. Elevate your mental state and gain the clarity and focus you need for the task at hand.

Pit Stop

However fast you’re moving, you should always take a moment to relax, reset, and gain some perspective. This hybrid blend lets you take a beat while still keeping your energy up.

Burn Out

Our indica-leaning blend is primed for those nights and weekends when it’s time to tune out. Hit the couch, lock in, and vibe out.

93 Boyz Gas Pump

Giving back a portion of every puff

As Chicago’s first Black-owned cannabis brand, core to the 93 Boyz mission is reinvesting in the communities and individuals that have been historically and disproportionately affected by outdated laws, prejudices, and assumptions regarding cannabis consumption.

That’s why we’ve partnered with SaveMoneySaveLife, a Chicago-based, Native and Black led nonprofit advocating for sustainable change. Through this partnership, 93 Boyz will sponsor initiatives aimed at prison reform and equity in the cannabis space.